Extra Consult is your dedicated partner delivering complete,
high-quality solutions to all your translation projects

Technical Translations


A dedicated project manager is a key ingredient
to the success of your project.

A dedicated project manager will be your single and direct point of contact. The project manager will coordinate all internal and external team members involved. He/she will work pro-actively, preempting potential difficulties and problem-solving to ensure your translation project runs smoothly.

An Extra Consult project manager will meet your customer's expectations, adhering to your available budget and deadline.

Commercial Translations

The global paradox

Globalisation, paradoxically, requires that your communication is fully adapted to the unique, local character of each country's regional form of expression.

Markets and customers are as diverse in culture as they are in language and you won’t have a second chance to make a lasting first impression.

The translation of product- or service-related documents is therefore a key element in truly localising this documentation for its target market(s). It goes beyond merely expressing the same thing in another language. It is a matter of consistency, relevance and authenticity in style, content and terminology within a single document and from one project to the next.

We solve whatever problem or technical issue we encounter and combine proven transparant processes with skilled specialists, cultural expertise and cutting-edge software technologies to create premium translations in any European language on time and within budget so you can truly build a global brand and truly speak a globalised language.

Legal Translations

Peace of mind

We provide complete, automated solutions. Some call that peace of mind. For us it’s our everyday business.

Relying only on off-the-shelf translation software will only leave you with disappointing results. That’s why we have developed an efficient and automated workflow for each type of translation project.

WWe reduce both publishing and translation costs by extracting the content from the format, allowing us to repurpose the original format for subsequent publications. Each document is then formatted using a particular DTP tool and, where appropriate, this is linked with a translation memory.

Once a translation is complete, all content is automatically converted back to the original format, retaining full page layout and character formatting.

Web Translations

Full control

We deliver on time and within budget, hassle-free,
leaving you in control.

We maintain a philosophy of open communication and information sharing. That’s why we collect project information and make it available online, where every project member, can access it 24/7. This team website is a personalised project management portal, which gives you remote access and control over all the project information you need.

However, not every client requires the same level of detail in tracking information and the type of information may vary from one client to another. That is why our Project Tracking System will be configured specifically for each client.

Want more control over your quality?

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